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April 26, 2019

The Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey aims at creating benefits not only for participants but for employers and the industry as a whole. For employers, it is a cost-effective way to develop, reward, and retain top talent. For the state, it aims to strengthen Colorado's competitive advantage through the development of a high-performing, more unified tourism industry that will be even better equipped to serve as one of the leading economic drivers. 

Through the Colorado Tourism Leadership Journey, participants will develop: 

• leadership skills, including creative team problem-solving, listening and communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the development of deeper self-awareness;

• relationships and networking pathways through connection with participants, mentors, and presenters;

• connections with state and national resources and networks through experiential learning in a variety of Colorado contexts; and

• a sense of shared identity as a contributor to an industry that promotes Colorado’s economy and well-being. 

For more information, visit the Colorado Tourism Office online.



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