Regulated Substances: CML opposed Proposition 122, which legalized the personal use and cultivation of natural medicine/psilocybin and establishes a licensing process for healing centers. The measure fails to allow local control over the ability for municipalities to prohibit healing centers in their municipalities and preempts local laws. CML will be working to initiate legislation to enhance local control and protections. Lobbyist: Mollie Steinemann

Elections: CML is initiating legislation to clean up and update portions of Title 31 municipal election  code as it relates to recall elections and procedures for filling vacancies on city or town councils. Municipal clerks should have clear direction on procedures for Title 31 recall elections, as well as procedures for filling vacancies in the event there are not enough members of the governing body for a quorum. Lobbyist: Heather Stauffer

Municipal Courts: CML is initiating legislation to create a task force to study the feasibility of data sharing between municipal courts and the statewide case management system. Currently, if a municipal court would like access to information from a county or district court, it must contact that court directly, which can often be a tedious process. Conversely, if a district or county court needs information from a municipal court regarding a pending case, there is not a streamlined method to determine the disposition of a case in the many municipal courts across the state. Convening a task force is the first step in addressing this gap in information, and it is in the public’s interest to expand information sharing between state courts and municipal courts. Lobbyist: Meghan MacKillop

Transportation: CML is exploring different strategies to address existing statutory loopholes related to noise ordinance violations from unmuffled trucks and jake brakes. Currently, Colorado lacks the necessary statutory provisions that would allow municipalities, Colorado State Patrol, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to effectively enforce provisions in statute that require vehicles to have mufflers to reduce excessive engine noise.  Lobbyist: Meghan MacKillop