Each year, Colorado Municipal League asks our members to complete a survey of employee salary, wages, and benefit data. The survey is offered in partnership with TechNet, who maintains the online Compensation Survey System.

The CML Compensation Survey is an invaluable resource to our members, providing both individual and aggregate salary data for cities and towns across the state. The 2024 survey includes a new payroll census feature allowing municipalities to upload CSV files directly from payroll systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Each May, CML releases a compensation report available only to our member municipalities (if logged in as a clerk, deputy manager, finance director, human resources director, or manager of a member municipality). Other municipal officials are asked to work with these colleagues if they need compensation information. Members may also create customized reports on the Compensation Survey System.

CML associate members that are local governments, such as counties and special districts, may subscribe to the survey system for an annual fee of $250, in addition to their associate membership fee. The subscription includes a copy of the reports when published in May (click here for an order form). Non-governmental associate members and nonmembers do not have access to the data.

Unauthorized use of the information contained in the compensation survey reports is strictly prohibited, and unauthorized use may result in legal action against you and your organization. Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to: sharing information from the reports with any person outside of your organization; sharing information from the reports with an organization or person who is not an authorized CSS client (e.g., a CML member municipality); and selling the information.