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HUTF Estimates

CML has prepared the Highway User Tax Fund (HUTF) estimates to assist you with modifying your current 2022 budget and in developing your 2023 budget.

2023-2024 CML HUTF Estimate Memo

2023 and 2024 HUTF Estimates for Cities


Cover of CML Newsletter
In this issue: 
  • CML unveils Civility Starts Here campaign
  • Local severance tax project dollars to again backfill state budget
  • Research Corner: Snapshot of spring municipal elections
  • Legal Corner: Court clarifies permissible scope of inquiry for service animals
Cover of CML Newsletter
In this issue: 
  • Application period for CML Executive Board opens April 8
  • Colorado municipalities represented on EPA advisory committee
  • Research Corner: Public transit use and funding in Colorado
  • Legal Corner: Addressing homelessness through municipal courts
Cover of Colorado Municipalities magazine
The 2024 CML President's Initiative is an effort to promote civility in local government. In keeping with this theme, the April issue of Colorado Municipalities magazine includes articles on CML's Civility Starts Here campaign, promoting civility in public meetings, de-escalation techniques, self-care for public servants, as well as a preview of the 2024 CML Annual Conference.
Cover of Colorado Municipalities magazine
CML is proud to present the January 2024 Legislative Preview edition of Colorado Municipalities. The magazine presents CML's legislative priorities for the 2024 legislative session, as well as articles focusing on housing, property taxes, and the results of the 2024 State of Our Cities and Towns survey.



CML Research Publications

CML publishes a wealth of information throughout the year. Below are some of our most popular publications.

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