Listservs allow groups of individuals signed up for the service to share information and ideas by email. Any subscriber can post a question or provide information to the listserv, which then is automatically emailed to all the members of the group. All responses from other members of the group are emailed to all subscribers

Listserv subscriptions must be requested personally, by the applicant. No one may request a subscription on behalf of another. The reason for this is that each applicant must certify that they have read and will abide by the CML listserv rules and guidelines.

All listserv subscription requests are subject to CML approval and municipal membership status. 

Available listservs are:

If you cease to represent a municipality, you must unsubscribe from the list. To unsubscribe, contact CML (email address is cml @, without the spaces) and ask to be removed from the listserv. CML reserves the right to remove anyone from the listserv for violation of the CML Listserv Rules & Guidelines or for any other reason.