CML supports cooperation among local, state, and federal officials to provide a strong partnership with Colorado's cities and towns. 

CML employs a dedicated advocacy team, a reliable source of information about legislative issues and their impact on Colorado's cities and towns and their residents. 

Each year, at the CML Annual Business Meeting, municipal members adopt the Policy Statement that guides the CML Executive Board, Policy Committee, and advocacy team during the legislative session.

2020-2021 CML Policy Committee Calendar

July/August 2020: Municipal members appoint new policy committee members if current members are not carrying over. CML notifies members of their ability to propose legislation or policy positions. 

September 2020: Staff compiles member proposals and submits them to all committee members for review within their respective municipalities. 

October 9, 2020: CML Policy Committee meets to consider member proposals and any items regarding potential legislation brought to the committee by staff. Actions take the form of recommendations to the CML Executive Board.

December 4, 2020: Committee meets again to consider any carryover items from the previous meeting and any new items brought to the committee by staff, with final actions on recommendations made by the CML Executive Board prior to the start of the legislative session on January 13, 2021.  Members are asked to draft and submit any any proposed changes to the CML Policy Statement to be considered by the committee at the next meeting.

February 12, 2021: Committee meets the day after the CML Legislative Workshop to make recommendations on legislation introduced in the opening weeks of the session, as well as to take final action on any recommended changes to the CML Policy Statement

June 2021: Full membership votes on any proposed changes to the CML Policy Statement at the CML Annual Business Meeting during the CML Annual Conference.