CML Members' Guide to Legal Services 

CML has a long-standing commitment to assisting its members in regard to legal issues that may arise in the course of conducting the city or town’s business. CML is comprised of 270 municipalities with varying degrees of resources and experience in legal matters. CML provides ongoing legal services including providing legal and operational education programs and conferences throughout the year, consulting with CML members on various legal questions, and preparing amicus or “friend of the court” briefs in court cases with significant municipal impact.  

The attorneys that regularly represent CML’s members as in-house or outside counsel are among the best in the country. In all legal matters in which CML is requested to consult, it must be understood that CML does so only with the member’s understanding that the advice is being provided in deference to the member’s town or city attorney who has ultimate responsibility for assuring that his or her client’s legal matters are properly and professionally addressed. 

In offering legal services, CML is committed to abiding by all applicable rules and regulations regarding the provision of legal services. CML is further committed to providing legal services in a manner that is fair to all of its members. This means that CML cannot advise one member against the interests of another, or one town or city official against the interests of another town or city official. With these guiding principles in place, what follows in an overview of CML’s member services.

Overview of CML's Legal Education, Training, and Advocacy

The following is an overview of the legal service programs that CML offers to its members, and the terms and conditions under which they are provided. 


Conferences, Training, and Webinars

CML offers a variety of opportunities for its members to participate in legal education. These programs include continuing legal education (CLE) programs conducted by CML staff and volunteer legal experts at CML’s fall attorney conference, the CML annual summer conference, webinars, and additional workshops and trainings offered throughout the year. Although some trainings may be open to non-attorneys, CML develops presentations to meet the requirements for CLE accreditation. The presentations educate and inform CML members of specific legal topics of ongoing concern to Colorado municipalities and their officials. Information concerning these various legal education programs can be found on CML’s website or by calling CML.    

Attorney Listserv

CML supports an attorney email “listserv” which attorneys that serve municipal clients may join for the purpose of sharing and obtaining information from their peers regarding a wide variety of legal issues and resources. CML’s attorney listserv is open to municipal attorneys only. In participating in the listserv, there are a number of conditions that participants are expected to follow. These conditions are posted on the CML website.

Telephone and Email Requests

CML welcomes telephone and email requests from members for general advice, direction, and information that CML may be able to provide in regard to legal questions that members, both attorney and non-attorney, may have in the course of performing their services and duties. However, members should keep in mind that CML staff availability to respond to telephone and email requests may be limited or delayed. 

Amicus Requests and Briefs

Advocacy in state and federal courts on behalf of Colorado municipalities as an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) is one of the most important legal services CML provides to its members.  CML maintains an Amicus Committee responsible for reviewing and providing a recommendation on requests for amicus support. Members are encouraged to make amicus request as early as possible in any litigation in which CML’s amicus presence may be considered potentially helpful. Late requests are less likely to be approved. To learn more about the amicus process or how to submit a request, read League Amicus Participation: Process and Considerations (updated May 2019). 



The information provided through CML’s legal services cannot be regarded as specific legal advice to any given municipality or official. CML specifically disclaims any intent to create an attorney client relationship in connection with any legal service it may be requested to provide. The information shared by and with CML at these events may not be presumed to be confidential. Members are advised to consult their own legal counsel for specific legal advice before taking any action having potential legal consequences or liability.

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