The slate of candidates for the CML Executive Board is listed below.

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Candidate statements, photos, and videos will be added to this page, as they are received. Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name in each category list.

Candidate election will take place at CML's Annual Business Meeting, held during the Annual Conference at 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 20, in the Mountain Holly room at the Embassy Suites Loveland Hotel & Conference Center.
Attendees may pick up voting cards and ballots outside this location starting at 1:45 p.m.; voting cards and ballots must be picked up by 2:15 p.m.

Candidates for the Largest Category

Municipalities with a population of 250,000 or more
Electing one position for a two-year term

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Wynetta Massey, City of Colorado Springs city attorney

Wynetta Massey 2023My name is Wynetta Massey and I am running for re-election to the CML Executive Board.  I am a 34-year employee of the City of Colorado Springs, and currently serve as the City Attorney/Chief Legal Officer.  I have been active in CML since 1989 and a member of the Executive Board since 2020.

I am a strong believer in the mission of CML and I appreciate the value CML brings to my city and to my City Attorney colleagues across the state.  I am committed to defending local control for all Colorado municipalities and serving our member municipalities.


Candidates for the Large Category

Municipalities with a population of 60,000 to 249,000
Electing three positions for two-year terms each

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Dale Hall, City of Greeley mayor pro tem

Dale HallHi,  I am Dale Hall, Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Greeley and I’m seeking re-election to the Colorado Municipal League (CML) Executive Board.

During my tenure on the Executive Board, I have served as President of the Executive Board. In addition to that, I have also been elected to the Colorado State Legislature for 4 years and 8 years as Weld County Commissioner.

I am committed to continuing to work on the Board to address the challenges facing our municipalities. Thank you for your trust in the past. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving you on the CML Board.

Joe Latino, City of Pueblo councilmember

CML Executive Board Candidate Joe LatinoJoe Latino was elected to Pueblo City Council – District 2 for a term of 2024-2027, but he is no stranger to service in his hometown of Pueblo, Colorado.  Councilor Latino has served on both municipal and nonprofit boards prior to his City Council seat. With a background in education athletics, Councilor Latino has worked in large cities, but returned to Pueblo where he loves the diversity, history, and culture. Councilor Latino believes the most important responsibility of municipal government is safety, security, and enhancement of the community. Councilor Latino believes that he can be an asset to Pueblo and the CML Board.

James Marsh-Holschen, City of Broomfield councilmember

Marsh-HolschenHi, My name is James Marsh-Holschen.  I am honored to have served on the CML Executive Board for the last six months.  My day job is as an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst for a financial compliance firm, but my real passion is public service.  Our communities are all different, but we know that local governments know much better than the state what our communities need to help them grow and thrive.  We will not always agree, but I will represent all communities in Colorado with a pragmatic, collaborative approach.  I would be honored to have your support to continue to serve!



Joshua Rivero, Town of Parker councilmember

Executive Board Candidate Joshua RiveroMy name is Joshua Rivero, and I have had the pleasure of serving on the CML Executive Board for the last six months. It has been an honor to represent my community of Parker, but more importantly, all cities and towns in Colorado. I realize that not every issue CML engages with will affect my home community, but I pledge to be a steadfast champion of all municipalities in our great state. I will advocate relentlessly for local representation and home rule, not just for my hometown constituents, but for all of Colorado.


Candidates for the Medium Category

Municipalities with a population of 8,000 but less than 59,999
Electing three positions for two-year terms each and one position for a one-year term

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Ed Cannon, Town of Wellington trustee

Ed Cannon 2024Hi! I’m Trustee Ed Cannon with the Town of Wellington, population 12,000.  I’m a retired city manager, having served communities in Illinois and Colorado (Wellington and Fraser). I also served 20 years with the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2001. I have been building communities for over 40 years, and I currently serve on the CML Policy Committee. I’m passionate about preserving the powers and authorities of local government and oppose legislative efforts that restrict local government’s ability to serve the best needs of their community. I would like your vote to serve on the CML Executive Board.


Dave Frank, City of Montrose mayor pro tem

Dave FrankFormer Mayor Dave Frank is starting his second term on the Montrose City Council and is the current Mayor Pro Tem for Montrose. Dave has been actively involved in CML for the past 4 years, serving on the Policy Committee, with one stint as Chairman. Dave has achieved Leadership level with CML's Muniversity, and was recently the Host Committee Chair for the District 10 Outreach meeting in Montrose.
Dave currently serves in leadership roles for several organizations:

On the State of Colorado Opioid Abatement Council (COAC),  as Vice Chair of the COAC Admin committee, as Vice Chair of Region 10, on the Montrose Economic Development Corporation, the Montrose Downtown Area Revitalization Team, the Montrose Urban Renewal Board, and is currently the President of the Montrose Rotary Club.

Seth Hoffman, City of Lone Tree city manager

CML Executive Board Candidate Seth HoffmanHello! My name is Seth Hoffman, and I am running for re-election to the CML Executive Board in the Medium Municipality category. I have served in Colorado local governments, both on the Western Slope and the Front Range, for more than 20 years, with a focus on statewide collaboration through my previous service in CML's Municipal Caucus and as a board member of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.

I have been honored to serve on the Board for the last two years and to serve as Board Secretary/Treasurer for the past year. I am proud of our work defending local decision-making in the face of significant state challenges to local control.

If re-elected, I will continue to prioritize protecting local control while also facilitating collaboration among our 270 members to tackle shared challenges and help Colorado achieve its very bright future. I would appreciate your vote on June 25.

Roger Hudson, City of Castle Pines council member

Roger HudsonEvery fight matters when the outcome determines the health, safety, and future of our communities.

As a second-term councilman who has served as Deputy Chief of Staff in the House, I understand the importance of having a strong voice in protecting the interests of local municipalities.

From land use to lowering property taxes, Colorado communities have serious work to do as we look to the future. We need partners in the legislature, not adversaries.

As your executive board member, I will always strive to build bridges while safeguarding our ability to represent the unique needs of the citizens we serve.


Mitch LaKind, Town of Monument mayor

Mitch LaKindAs the Mayor of Monument, I bring five years of municipal experience to the CML Executive Board. I am dedicated to advancing prosperity and quality of life for Colorado’s citizens. I have successfully championed initiatives that improve infrastructure, enhance public safety and making Monument a Home Rule municipality. My leadership is rooted in transparency, collaboration, and a commitment to serving all our community's diverse needs. If elected, I will leverage my experience to advocate for policies that benefit all municipalities in our state. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant Colorado. Thank you for your support.



Shannon Lukeman-Hiromasa, City of Northglenn mayor pro tem

Shannon Lukeman-HiromasaIt was an honor to serve on the CML Executive Board this year. I have been active on the BAM Committee and Sam Mamet Award Nomination Committee. I serve as Mayor Pro Tem for Northglenn, and we hosted the Spring District 3 meeting. As the CEO of Colorado Krav Maga, I am a small business owner with five locations. I also currently serve on a variety of local, regional, and national committees.

I am a leader who listens, takes action, and fights for the municipal interests throughout Colorado. I support CML’s partnership approach and addressing legislation that creates unfunded mandates or preempts local control. I voiced opposition to legislation that threatened our local land use authority as well as public safety. I am ready to tackle this again next session.

I respectfully ask for your vote to be reelected to the CML board, together we can make a difference!


Rachel Medina, City of Cortez mayor

CML Executive Board Candidate Rachel MedinaHello, I am Rachel Medina, Mayor of the City of Cortez. Colorado is full of diverse communities, all of which have unique needs and perspectives. I hope to bring increased perspective and representation from rural southwest Colorado to the CML Executive Board. I have served on many local and statewide boards and been a public employee for over 8 years. I am a skilled collaborator and strong listener, with a passion for public service. Thank you for the chance to contribute to a prosperous future for Colorado and its residents.

William "Billy" Tedrow, City of Delta mayor pro tem

William TedrowAs a committed City Council member in Delta, I bring a wealth of experience and insight garnered from active engagement with CML and multiple other committees. Advocating for Western Colorado and Delta's interests at the state level, I ensure our voice is heard in shaping municipal policies. Serving on the board of directors for Club 20 broadens my perspective, addressing regional concerns with neighboring communities. Balancing these roles with my duties as Mayor Pro Tem, I'm dedicated to the public and seek to further elevate my impact by joining the CML board, continuing to champion for Western Colorado’s rural districts fostering collaboration statewide.

Laura Weinberg, City of Golden mayor

Laura WeinbergHi CML members! I am running for re-election to the CML Executive Board. I am in my second term as Mayor of Golden and was elected last year to the National League of Cities Board of Directors. I have tremendous respect for the Colorado Municipal League’s mission of advocacy, information, and training, and have worked to advance that mission as a board member since 2021. I would be honored to continue to support all Colorado municipalities and ask for your vote for re-election in the medium-sized category. I look forward to seeing you at the conference



Candidates for the Small Category

Municipalities with a population of less than 8,000
Electing three positions for two-year terms each

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Gerald "Jerry" Barber, Town of Ordway mayor

xecutive Board Candidate Jerry BarberI welcome the opportunity to serve your community. I have an extensive educational achievement background. However, education without experience or an understanding of the communities you are representing is not valuable to anyone. With my career travels and as a  historical traveler with my wife, I have walked your streets, cemeteries, and neighborhoods. I have been to every town in Colorado. I know your history. Watched you go through change, both good and bad. Your struggles from business loss to building deterioration. As a board member, I will truly represent you as I know you.



Patrick Davidson, Town of Elizabeth town administrator

Patrick DavidsonMy name is Patrick Davidson, and I am the Town Administrator in Elizbeth.  I am seeking your support for the Small Population Category for CML.  I have served in the capacity of City Attorney, as well as Administrator in small and medium communities in both Colorado and Wyoming.  New challenges are being faced by a majority of municipalities in Colorado, whether those are employment in emergency services, insufficient housing, or unfunded mandates, all are strains on our communities.  It is important that municipalities work together to solve problems and maintain a common, shared voice when working with the Legislature.

Alison Gorrell, City of Brush! councilor

Alison GorrellAlison has served on the Brush City Council since October of 2020 and on the Finance Committee and Planning and Zoning Commission since January of 2021. She believes in the mission, vision, values and goals of CML and supports an informed municipal leadership with a focus on protecting local control. Alison works as a licensing coordinator for a large civil engineering firm and holds an AA in Accounting, a BS in Business, a certificate in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and is working on her MBA. As a military/fire wife, she is an active advocate for first responders.


Dan Kramer, Town of Estes Park town attorney

Executive Board Canidadte Dan KramerAs debates over housing continue to swirl through the Statehouse and potentially into our courts, it is more important than ever that the CML Executive Board include not only elected officials, managers, and clerks, but also a few experienced municipal attorneys who have advocated on matters of land use and home rule.  We help round out the group and serve as an additional bridge to CML’s eminently capable staff attorneys.  As a board member, I would support the work CML is already doing to educate the public and communicate our positions on the critical issues facing all of us.


Carrie Hartwell, Town of Julesburg town clerk/treasurer

CML Board Member Carrie Hartwell, Julesburg clerk and treasurerI am Carrie Hartwell and am running for the CML Executive Board in the Small Municipality category.  As the Julesburg Town Clerk / Treasurer for the past thirteen years, I enjoy being a part of my local government.

I was elected in June 2022 and have been honored to serve as a CML Executive Board Member and a member of the Sam Mamet Good Governance nomination committee.  I am respectfully requesting your vote so that I can continue to contribute to the CML community to provide governance, aid with community engagement, and address issues for our future generations.


Candy Meehan, Town of Norwood mayor

Candy MeehanI am passionate about supporting and strengthening our local governments, and I believe that serving on the CML Executive Board will allow me to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of our municipalities. If elected, I am committed to working collaboratively with my fellow board members to address the unique needs of all areas and to promote policies that foster community development and resilience.

I am ready to bring my skills and energy to this position and to work tirelessly to represent the interests of municipalities across Colorado.



Hollie Rogin, Town of Lyons mayor

Hollie RoginAs the second-term Mayor of a small statutory town surrounded by bigger municipalities, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to make our voices heard. I’m dedicated to doing just that. I currently represent the Town of Lyons as a member of Metro Mayors Caucus and serve as a Board Director for the Denver Regional Council of Governments. I actively engage with state legislators and can be found at the Capitol testifying during hearings on bills that impact us all. I’m grateful to CML for advocating for all Colorado communities, and I hope you’ll elect me to continue bringing a big voice for small towns to the table.