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December 20, 2019

By Meghan Dollar

CML’s Policy Committee met on Friday, Dec. 6 to consider several recommendations from staff on known or expected legislation. Approximately 50 members of the Policy Committee from around the state were in attendance.

David Appelhans, Sterling mayor pro tem, could not preside due to weather, so CML Executive Director Kevin Bommer handled the gavel.

The position recommendations were forwarded to the CML Executive Board, which approved them at their meeting Dec. 13.  The Board’s action on those recommendations finalizes the League’s legislative agenda going into the session that begins Jan. 8, 2020.

Following the CML Legislative Workshop on Thursday, Feb. 13th, the Policy Committee will meet on Friday, Feb. 14, to discuss any legislation introduced in the first month of the legislative session. In addition, the committee will vote on any proposed changes to the CML Policy Statement, which are then voted on by the full membership at the Annual Business Meeting occurring at the CML Annual Conference in June.

More information on CML’s policy development can be found at or by contacting Meghan Dollar, legislative and policy advocate, at 303-831-6411 or 866-578-0936; or by email at


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