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July 17, 2020

By Allison Trembly, Arvada community and economic development communications and marketing manager

The Community and Economic Development work system within the City of Arvada is continuing to innovate by creating a more streamlined and transparent process to update the public about upcoming public hearings and all development projects going on in the city. Arvada currently uses, and will continue to use, a static map of all of the approved development projects. 

In order to enhance this service, the Arvada team has developed a dynamic "story map" that is located on Arvada's website. The story map provides a detailed description of all future public hearing cases, administratively reviewed cases, variances and projects under construction. The story map will provide current development information by location, which includes project status and detailed plans.

This new approach was developed mainly for two reasons. First, each public hearing is required to provide several forms of notice to the public, including the posting of physical signs on the property. Such signage provides details about the upcoming public hearing; however, it is difficult to read from the street, provides limited information and is not sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather or strong winds. The new signage will include the branded website with the case number, directing the public to more information about the project. 

Second, as a provision of the newly adopted Land Development Code, the team is recommending that all neighbors within 500 feet of a development project receive notice. As the new code may allow additional administrative approvals, the city team wanted to make sure that community members could stay informed of projects being proposed in their area.

An additional benefit will be to promote this service to the broader community to help ensure greater transparency in the development process, easier access to development plans and a clearer picture of the overall development patterns within the community. To view the map, visit


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