Sam Mamet Good Governance Award

Purpose of the Award

The Sam Mamet Good Governance Award, established in 2019 in honor of retired CML Executive Director Sam Mamet, honors up to three individuals annually who exemplify and endeavor to advance the application of principles of good governance, which may include:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of government
  • Responsiveness to need
  • Openness and transparency
  • Respect for the Rule of Law
  • Accountability to self and others
  • Inclusivity
  • Ethical behavior and conduct
  • Innovation
  • Representation of all constituencies
  • Fiscal accountability

More Information

Any municipal elected official, staff member, or other individual in municipal public service (i.e., board or commission member, volunteer) that exemplifies principles of good governance is eligible to receive the award. Moreover, CML Board members and the CML executive director, upon approval from the CML Board president, have the authority to suggest nominees for consideration.

Current CML Board Members are ineligible for nomination.



Eligible individuals may be presented for consideration in any of the following ways:

  • Nominated by CML members through the completion and submission of CML's nomination form.
  • Added for consideration by any member of the CML Executive Board
  • Added for consideration by the CML Executive Director with approval of the CML Board President

Nominees added to the list for consideration will be notified by the CML staff and asked to hold the date of the award presentation at the CML conference open in order to be present to receive it. CML may also contact the nominee for additional

Final selection of the recipient will be made by the CML Executive Board at its regular April meeting prior to the Annual Conference. The President may appoint a committee to review nominees and make recommendations to the full Board. The manner in which the Board and committee, if applicable, interpret and weigh principles of good governance (examples listed above) shall be at their discretion, but they shall be documented for purposes of explaining why the individual(s) selected as the winner(s) was (were) so chosen.


Recipients of this prestigious award will be honored at the Welcome Luncheon on the first day of CML's Annual Conference, held every June.  Up to three individuals may be recognized annually. Along with a plaque or trophy commemorating their achievement, awardees may be invited to participate in presenting the award to their successor. A plaque containing the names of all recipients alongside the year they were awarded is also maintained onsite at CML. A press release also will be sent to regional and local media announcing their achievement.

Upon selection, recipients will be promptly notified, and if not already registered for the conference, they will receive a per diem reimbursement for expenses and one night of lodging.

In the event the recipient(s) is (are) unable to be present to receive the award, CML staff will make appropriate accommodations to present it prior to the conference, record the presentation, and present the recording at the Welcome
Luncheon. CML staff will seek to record testimonials from colleagues and coworkers about the individual(s) receiving the award(s) and play the recording prior to presenting the award(s) to the recipient(s)

In addition, recognition for all the remaining nominees shall be given.

2024 Recipients

Recipients of this prestigious award were honored at the Welcome Luncheon, sponsored by Xcel Energy, on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at CML's Annual Conference.

Find out more about the 2024 Sam Mamet Good Governance Award Winner in their videos below.


City of Central Fire Chief Gary Allen



Former City of Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet



List of all the 2024 Nominees

  • Gary Allen, City of Central Fire Chief
  • Joseph Ayala, City of La Junta Mayor
  • Tuggy Dunton, Town of Ignacio Clerk/Treasurer
  • Miranda Fisher, Town of Nederland Town Administrator
  • Shane Hale, Town of Windsor Town Administrator
  • Deborah Hess, Town of Granby Clerk/Planning Coordinator
  • Denise Howell, City of Manitou Springs City Administrator
  • Rick Klein, City of La Junta Former City manager
  • Jeff Layman, Town of Silt Special Projects
  • Matthew LeCerf, Town of Johnstown Town Manager
  • Brian Lujan, Town of Center Town Manager
  • José Madrigal, City of Durango City Manager
  • Matthew Magley, Town of Superior Town Manager
  • Paula Medina, Town of La Jara Mayor
  • Jacqueline Millet, City of Lone Tree Former Mayor
  • Mark Morgan, City of Durango City Attorney
  • Hunter Mortensen, Town of Frisco Mayor
  • Timothy M. O’Brien, City and County of Denver City Auditor
  • Michael Penny, City of Castle Pines City Manager
  • Marisa Stoller, City of Pueblo City Clerk