Webinar: April 2023 Legislative Update

April 13, 2023

The CML advocacy team provided an update on the 2023 legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly about potential legislation and issues that could affect your city or town.

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Heather Stauffer, legislative advocacy manager
Heather covers the following issues: building codes; natural resources and environment; elections; governmental immunity; oil and gas; open meetings/open records; severance tax/FML/energy impact; water and wastewater/water quality; and wildfire.

Meghan MacKillop, legislative and policy advocate
Meghan's issues include transportation and transit; public health; substance abuse; affordable housing; land use and annexation; air quality; sustainability; and municipal courts.

Jaclyn Terwey, legislative and policy advocate
Jaclyn's issues include historic preservation; economic development; employment and labor; taxation and fiscal policy; retirement/pensions; lottery and gaming; municipal debt and finance; telecom/broadband/IT; and utilities.

Mollie Steinemann, legislative and policy advocate
Mollie's issues include beer and liquor; marijuana/hemp; public safety; criminal justice; purchasing; special districts; and immigration.