2018-07-10 Webinar: Brain Injury in Our Communities: Prevalence, Pressures, and Problem Solving

July 10, 2018

Research shows that one in four Coloradans have sustained an injury to their brain. Vulnerable populations such as individuals experiencing homelessness and intimate partner violence and those in our corrections system have an even higher prevalence. Brain injury often creates challenges with memory, fatigue, attention, and decision-making, which can lead to difficulties with maintaining employment and meaningful relationships. Its impact on individuals can impair their ability to succeed in communities -- in K-12 classrooms, social service programs, and criminal justice settings. This webinar will speak to how Colorado is addressing the needs of those in our communities with brain injury. By understanding the prevalence of brain injury and the resources available communities can realize how strong connections between brain injury support systems and the people who need them can result in better outcomes.

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