2017-04-12 Webinar: Livestream Meetings and Index Video Archives

April 12, 2017

“Learn from the Pros” Webinar: Livestream Meetings and Index Video Archives, presented by Tony Shawcross, Open Media Foundation (OMF) executive director, and Marpessa Allen, OMF account executive

At any budget, your city or town can expand transparency and accessibility by streaming live video of your proceedings, integrating your meeting agendas, and indexing agenda items so your archive is easily searchable for constituents. This webinar will explore free tools for video streaming, like those provided by YouTube and Google, enabling you to stream live video of their proceedings, create and share documents, and more. The webinar will also feature a demonstration of the Open Media Project for Government, a low-cost solution to stream government sessions and create a searchable archive with time-stamped agendas. This innovative transparency solution is used by the Colorado General Assembly for the Colorado Channel as well as by the State Supreme Court and local cities and towns.


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