25 Outreach Meetings, Nearly 3,000 Miles

CML Newsletter
June 7, 2019

By Kevin Bommer, CML executive director

From May 6 through May 23, I had the distinct pleasure of crisscrossing this great state conducting a listening tour and outreach meetings.

From Craig to Lamar, Julesburg to Durango, and all points in between, I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of CML members and some special guests to hear their thoughts and ideas on the CML of the future and how I can best serve municipal needs as executive director. As with each year's outreach meetings, we also spent some time talking about the 2019 legislative session and how municipal interests fared in the statehouse.

The feedback I received will be invaluable in working with CML's amazing staff and the CML Executive Board to design new training, implement new ideas, revamp some existing programs, and discard some of the things CML does that have exceeded their shelf life. There were excellent ideas for new or improved training, as well as suggestions for greater inclusion in policy development and tracking rapidly changing legislative and policy issues. Finally, I appreciated the constructive criticism on the timing of positions on difficult legislation and process improvements on communication.

However, what I heard most of all out on the road was "thanks." We are grateful that our members know that CML has the back of our member municipalities statewide, no matter how big or how small. We think about all 270 municipalities daily as we contemplate how to design and improve training, how we advocate on legislation, the information we gather for our members, and when to stick up for you in both the courts of public and legal opinion. So it is appropriate that I say "thank you" back to all our members, both for myself and on behalf of my entire staff. CML does not just exist for our members. CML exists because of our members, and we will continue to work to meet and exceed your expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at kbommer@cml.org.