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Recent Articles
  • CML Newsletter CML June 14 Newsletter
    June 11, 2024
    In this issue: 
    • Governor signs CML-initiated State Support for Affordable Housing bill into law
    • Spring District Meetings connect and empower Colorado municipalities
    • Research Corner: Municipalities respond to unfunded state mandates
    • Legal Corner: Rethinking ‘rights of nature’
  • Cover of CML Newsletter CML May 31 Newsletter
    May 29, 2024
    In this issue: 
    • Member Spotlight: Woodland Park acquires land for Avenger Open Space
    • The Faces of Public Service: Lone Tree & Walden
    • Research Corner: Legal actions impact municipalities
    • Legal Corner: The future of local lodging tax
  • Cover of CML Newsletter CML May 17 Newsletter
    May 14, 2024
    In this issue: 
    • Newly passed laws affecting cities and towns
    • Renewable energy and sustainability resources for local governments
    • The Faces of Public Service: Fraser & La Jara
    • Clerks’ Corner: Maintaining accurate records is hard work — and important
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Legislative workshop icon 128x128Here is the text for this image. Heather covers the following issues: building codes; natural resources and environment; elections; governmental immunity; oil and gas; open meetings/open records; severance tax/FML/energy impact; water and wastewater/water quality; wildfire and WUI code; and State Department/Offices (CDA, CDPHE, CDPS, COGCC, DNR, DOLA, OIT, and SOS).


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