Webinar: Crisis Communications - Marshall Fire Lessons Learned

January 18, 2023

When wildfire hit highly populated areas never imagined to be in a danger zone, it put Boulder County government communicators to the ultimate test.  

In this webinar, leaders from the Town of Superior, the City of Louisville, and Boulder County shared:

- Lessons gained and reinforced in terms of thinking about crisis response communications, frameworks, and tactics; plus, real-life examples that can help you ensure you’re prepared both professionally and personally
- How times of crisis offer an opportunity for government to build bridges between partner agencies, community groups, subject matter experts, department leadership, media, and residents
- Key takeaways on the importance of a digital-first strategy for crisis response and other communication channels to reach all audiences
- Valuable ways for monitoring community sentiment during and after crisis response to ensure optimal support, appropriate services, and long-term healing.

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Download: City of Louisville Crisis Communications Plan

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