March 5, 2024

CML Supports SB24-174 Sustainable Affordable Housing Assistance

Senate Bill 24-174 Sustainable Affordable Housing Assistance uses state support to focus local government planning efforts on housing, with an emphasis on improving affordability and avoiding displacement, while providing flexibility to develop community based strategies for growth.


Under the bill, local governments of a certain size will conduct housing needs assessments every six years, with the option to participate in a regional assessment.

The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) will establish methodologies to create a baseline for the assessments and conduct a statewide assessment. Local governments will create housing action plans to meaningfully plan for housing needs, recommend legislative actions for adoption by locally elected leaders, promote regional coordination, and engage the public on efforts to address housing needs in the municipality’s jurisdiction. The bill updates county and municipal master plan standards to consider certain growth-related information sources and include water and strategic growth elements. The bill limits the power of new restrictive covenants to prohibit accessory dwelling units and more dense housing types where permitted by local zoning.


CML respectfully requests a “yes” vote on SB24-174. This legislation will build on local government efforts to plan for housing needs as part of their work to create Colorado’s places where people want to live, work, and play. The bill will help communities plan through their local governments, focusing on affordability at the most critical levels and maintaining communities. The bill will promote regionalism, water and land conservation, infill development, and strategic growth and provide useful data for the state. Producing assessments and plans will qualify local governments for prioritized funding across a wide range of state agencies.


Enhancing the connection of Coloradans to planning for the future of their communities is more important now than ever. With this bill’s meaningful state support for this priority area, local governments can plan to accommodate growth responsibly and equitably and ensure their communities’ voices are heard.

Bev Stables | CML legislative and policy advocate

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