January 31, 2024

CML Opposes Unless Amended HB24-1152, Concerning Increasing the Number of Accessory Dwelling Units

HB24-1152, concerning Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), raises some concerns about home rule and local control. While CML share's the state's goal of expanding housing options, this bill encroaches on traditional land use and zoning authority of home rule municipalities. As it is currently written, HB24-1152 suggests municipalities haven't been proactively addressing ADUs and affordable housing, which simply isn't true. Many of you have implemented or are working on innovative solutions tailored to your local needs. We continue to believe strong ADU policy should be built on partnership, not preemption.


HB24-1152 imposes top-down residential zoning standards on select municipalities in Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) by making accessory dwelling units (ADUs) a “use by right” in single family zones. The bill would prohibit local governments from maintaining parking requirements, owner-occupancy rules, and so-called “restrictive” design or dimension standards.


This bill will require many local governments to change zoning requirements regardless of local needs. Many communities in Colorado already allow ADUs with reasonable requirements that meet the needs of the local community. This bill will undo the great work of municipalities across the state. If preemptions are replaced with incentives, municipalities can continue and expand their ongoing efforts.


  • HB24-1152 overrides current ADU programs that have reasonable requirements and incentives
    for housing production.
  • HB24-1152 focuses on preemption of local control instead of adequate financial incentives.
  • HB24-1152 tells Coloradans that they shouldn’t have a say in how their communities grow.

Bev Stables | CML legislative and policy advocate

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