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    Making the Municipal Connection is a podcast of the Colorado Municipal League that seeks to connect national or statewide issues to the solutions provided by Colorado's cities and towns. 

  • Homelessness: Is There a Solution?
    Join CML Executive Director Sam Mamet and John Parvensky, president and CEO of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, as they take a look at our most vulnerable residents, the complexities of their plight, and how cities and towns are making a difference.

  • Wicked Problems
    Join CML Executive Director Sam Mamet and the Director of the Colorado State University Center for Public Deliberation Martin Carcasson as they explore the concept of wicked problems and how municipalities can build capacity for more robust and innovative public engagement.



  • Transportation Funding
    Join CML Executive Director Sam Mamet in making the connection between statewide transportation funding challenges and municipal infrastructure solutions with the help of Independence Institute President Jon Caldara, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kelly Brough, and Sheridan City Manager Devin Granbery.

  • Body Cameras - More than Meets the Eye
    Denver Independent Monitor Nick Mitchell, Greenwood Village City Manager John Jackson, and Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey open up to us about the hard work they do every day, shine a light on the challenges facing law enforcement, and help make the connection between body cameras and improved police/community relations.