Urban Renewal Bill Vetoed by Govenor

Urban Renewal Bill Vetoed by Governor

The governor has vetoed HB 14-1375, the urban renewal bill. CML wants to thank Gov. Hickenlooper for listening to cities and towns, individual businesses, and business organizations who all urged a veto of this measure. The bill erected unnecessary road blocks to the use of this important urban infill redevelopment tool. We extend a well-earned thank you to the dozens of our CML members who submitted veto requests to the governor explaining that urban renewal projects benefit not only the residents of our municipalities but delivers increased revenue to support other local governments and the state. While the mechanics of urban renewal can be complex, it results in the double benefit of removing blight while improving our economy. Gov. Hickenlooper acknowledged HB 1375 goes too far, but encouraged stakeholders to continue their communication. CML will respect that request and is always willing to discuss reasonable suggestions. Click here to view the governor’s veto letter. For more information, contact Mark Radtke.

To learn more about the complexities of forging an urban renewal project, watch this short video