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  • Municipalities Matter - Especially Initiatives
    While political pundits have their focus on candidates for office now, of equal importance are proposed statewide ballot initiatives with municipal impacts. Following are personal opinions on a few of these, reflecting my views based on extensive experience with ballot initiatives. And let the record reflect: I do not - do not - favor the initiative process. Never have, and never will. I believe in representative democracy; the initiative process is its antithesis.
    Municipalities Matter: The State of Our Cities & Towns

    Each year about this time, CML releases our State of Our Cities & Towns report, and this year we focus on public safety. Key takeaways include:  


    • Police and fire agencies are providing services with even greater efficiencies, most notably through numerous cost-sharing arrangements. 
    • Fire departments are focused more than ever on wildfire threats and mitigation. 
    • Fire mergers are becoming more evident. 
    • New technology, especially body cameras, continues to change policing. 
    Municipalities Matter: A New Vision for CML
    In his book Start With Why, condensed into a TED Talk available, Simon Sinek challenges leaders and organizations to “think, act, and communicate from the inside out.”

  • Municipalities Matter is a regular blog by Sam Mamet, executive director of the Colorado Municipal League. Sam is responsible to CML's 21-member executive board for executing the policies and programs of the League. 

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