Position Paper - SB 20-056

Author: Morgan Cullen

January 23, 2020

Last year, the Colorado General Assembly passed SB 19-054 that defines surplus military vehicles as “off highway vehicles” in order to properly record them within the state’s new DRIVES title and registration system. This legislation ensured that 349 surplus military vehicles in Colorado could now be properly registered in a manner that meets general safety guidelines.

Surplus military vehicles are not deemed roadworthy in Colorado under federal safety standards so applying the “off-highway vehicle” definition to these types of vehicles expressly prohibits them from being driven on state highways.

Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of last year’s legislation is that it inadvertently preempted local governments that use these types of military vehicles for fire protection purposes from driving these vehicles on state highways.

Currently, 58 surplus military vehicles in Colorado are used by local governments and fire protection districts for this expressed purpose.

SB 20-056 simply creates a statutory exemption for local governments that use surplus military vehicles for firefighting so that they can continue to be driven on public roads.

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Position Paper - SB 20-056