Position Paper - HB22-1355

Author: Meghan MacKillop

April 7, 2022



HB22-1355 will provide every Coloradan with convenient, easy access to recycling through the creation of a producer responsibility program. Through this program, people throughout the state will be able to recycle common materials like plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard, and printed paper more easily. This will greatly benefit Colorado’s cities, towns, and counties by:

  • Providing recycling to all residents at no cost to residents or local government.
  • Expanding recycling to underserved multi-family buildings and rural areas.
  • Reducing local government expenses to provide recycling services.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution.
  • Retaining municipalities’ right to choose their level of involvement in recycling services.

How does a producer responsibility program work?

HB22-1355 requires brand owners (producers) to pay for and manage a statewide recycling system for cardboard, plastic, metal, paper, and other common recyclables. Producers will form an independent nonprofit organization, called a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), to coordinate, fund, and manage the statewide recycling system. Producers will pay membership dues to the PRO based on the amount and type of packaging they sell in Colorado. The PRO will create one consistent statewide list of what can be recycled, and the PRO will then pay private companies and local governments to operate recycling collection and processing programs. The PRO will cover 100% of the costs of recycling, including consumer education and government oversight of the program. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will oversee the PRO and establish an advisory board composed of local governments, recycling companies, nonprofits, and other key experts, to help oversee the program and ensure the PRO meets the needs of local Colorado communities and businesses.

HB22-1355 will help Colorado communities through sustainably financing and expanding recycling programs to reduce landfill waste and litter. The bill will save money for municipalities all over the state, while maintaining flexibility and choice for local governments. And HB22-1355 will create a more convenient, equitable recycling system across Colorado.



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