Webinar: Empower Your Employees With CO 529 Savings Program

Live Webinars

May 14, 2024


This 30-minute presentation will teach you and your Human Resources team about CollegeInvest and how to offer your employees access to 529s in the workplace.  Join Kaylynn Hemlock, senior employer plan advisor at CollegeInvest to learn about: 1) Employee-Driven: Employees self-enroll and manage their own accounts. 2) Zero paperwork: No administration, cost or reporting. 3) Versatility: Pay for college, trade schools, apprenticeships nationwide. 4) Broad Employee Appeal: 529s are for anyone - parents, grandparents and adult learners. 5) Incentives for Employee Participation: Free lunch and a $25 kickstart bonus. 6) Tax Benefits: State tax deduction on contributions and federal tax-free growth for qualified uses for Colorado residents.  Plus learn about First Step -a free $100 contribution for babies born in Colorado since Jan. 2020.