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Last Updated : May 2, 2022

Bill : HB22-1011


  • Senator Pete Lee Democrat District 11
  • Senator Tammy Story Democrat District 16
  • Representative Marc Snyder Democrat District 18
  • Representative Lisa Cutter Democrat District 25

Status: H. 3rd Reading

CML Position: Support

Lobbyist: Heather Stauffer

Public Safety
On or before March 1, 2023, the bill creates the Wildfire Mitigation Incentives for Local Government Grant Program in the Colorado State Forest Service to provide matching funds to local governments that raise dedicated revenue, like a sales tax, for forest management and wildfire mitigation activities. Mitigation efforts include forest thinning, wildfire fuel reduction, and outreach to property owners and the public or any other means of forest management of wildfire mitigation as determined appropriate for funding by the forest service. 

In addition to a dedicated revenue source, the bill's proponents added language via amendment which will allow local governments without dedicated revenue sources to apply for matching grants if they can demonstrate that an existing local program, project, or funding mechanism is contributing to local long-term funding for wildfire mitigation and forest health. Other creative or innovative approaches can be considered for funding by the forest service.

Local governments who have unsuccessfully attempted to create dedicated revenue sources for wildfire mitigation and forest health previously are also eligible to apply for funding. 
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