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Last Updated : June 14, 2021

Bill : HB 21-1030


  • Representative Hugh McKean Republican District 51
  • Representative Julie McCluskie Democrat District 61
  • Senator Janet Buckner Democrat District 28
  • Senator John Cooke Republican District 13

Status: Before Governor

CML Position: Support

Lobbyist: Beauclarine Thomas

Criminal Justice
House Bill 21-1030 expands the Peace Officers Mental Health Support Grant Program to include community partnerships. CML was active in the creation of this program in 2017 which provides financial assistance to law enforcement agencies for mental health services. This bill expands potential recipients in the grant program to include all law enforcement agencies, peace officer organizations, and public safety agencies. It will also expand funding to enhance law enforcement’s handling of calls for services related to persons with mental health disorders and social services needs that do not require the presence of peace officers. Lastly, it encourages agencies that apply for this grant to do so in collaboration with their community mental health centers and community-based service providers in their region. CML supported this bill because it could improve community policy efforts and support peace officer’s mental health. 
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