Author: Meghan MacKillop

May 10, 2021


For years, Colorado has been unable to sufficiently fund transportation needs throughout the state. The .22 cent per gallon gas tax has not been increased since 1991 and is a depreciating revenue source. Over the past 30 years, this has slowly created what has now become a systemic funding crisis in how we pay for critical infrastructure in the State of Colorado at every level of government. CDOT has identified approximately $9 billion in unfunded transportation needs around the state and according to a statewide survey CML conducted in 2018, Colorado’s 270 cities and towns are experiencing a $4.5 billion shortfall for municipal road and bridge maintenance and improvements. CML supports SB21-260 because it creates an equitable distribution of new revenue for the entire state of Colorado, while maintaining the historic distribution of HUTF revenue.

Every trip in a car, bus, or on a bike begins and ends on a local road, and the Colorado Municipal League has steadfastly supported fair and equitable approaches to statewide funding for transportation, including local streets and state highways. Significant state and local collaboration resulted in agreement dividing transportation revenue deposited into the Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF) between the state and local governments – 60% (state), 22% (counties), and 18% (municipalities).

What SB21-260 does

SB21-260 is a landmark piece of legislation that will provide over $5 billion in new transportation revenue over the next 10 years. The bill will distribute nearly $950 million in new funding directly to local governments through the HUTF, and it will provide additional funding to assist areas experiencing high levels of congestion and air quality issues. Dedicated multimodal funding is essential to reducing congestion and improving air quality, but not every city in the state experiences these issues. The bill recognizes that fact and increases funding for multimodal transportation, while maintaining flexibility for how municipalities use that funding.

SB21-260 creates a comprehensive, statewide solution to transportation funding that will benefit Coloradans for generations.

CML respectfully requests a “YES” vote on SB21-260

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