One great way to celebrate Colorado Cities & Towns Week (Sept. 11–17) is to host an event.

This is a great week to plan an old-fashioned get-together of residents to connect with municipal staff and elected officials, whether community day with free entrances to parks and museums, a night in the park with refreshments, a city/town hall open house, breakfast with the mayor/coffee with council, or park cleanup day

Now is also an ideal time to recognize staff and volunteers (and families, if the budget allows). Consider an appreciation breakfast, picnic, or ice cream social. Another idea is an interdepartmental competition - a chile cook-off or contest for best dessert. A simpler approach might be to bring in doughnuts one morning or snacks in the afternoon. Or make use of your sports or cultural facility by offering an employee night with organized activities. 

To reduce costs, consider partnering with local nonprofits and other entities. For example, work with high school history, civics, or social studies teachers to organize a mock Government Day or “Doing Democracy Day” (a multicommunity, multischool event devoted to area students wrestling with local issues, using local leaders as resources). For more information, contact Lessons on Local Government Consultant and “Doing Democracy Day” Cofounder Kent Willmann. Other events that could focus on youth include showcasing vehicles in a public location or asking local youth groups or organizations to attend a council/board meeting, perhaps including a tour of city/town hall or other municipal-run facility.

You could also rebrand an existing an event to tie into the Colorado Cities & Towns Week messaging.