• Affordable Housing: Right to Rest Act
    Denver Homeless Out Loud and the American Civil Liberties Union will again introduce a version of the “Colorado Right to Rest Act.”
    Affordable Housing: State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
    There will be legislation to reauthorize the State Low Income Housing Tax Credit in 2018 ahead of its sunset date in 2019
    Beer & Liquor: Allow Donated Alcohol
    Anticipated legislation that would allow donated alcohol to be given away for charitable purposes while on a licensed premise.
    Beer & Liquor: Fermented Malt Beverage Licenses
    A bill with multiple aspects will contain CML's preferred language addressing the January 1, 2019 start of malt liquor sales by all fermented malt beverage licensees.
    Beer & Liquor: Special Event Permits
    A proposed change in Special Event Permit rules prompted the League to initiate legislation to clarify the original intent of the statute.
    Broadband: Fairness in Right of First Refusal
    Requires incumbent providers exercising a right of first refusal to provide service equal to or better than an applicant for a Broadband Deployment Board grant and at a cost equal to or less than the applicant's proposal.
    Broadband: Financing Rural Broadband
    Redirects High Cost Support Mechanism dollars to broadband deployment.
    Criminal Justice: Court System For Remote Participation In Hearings
    The bill creates a program at the state level to implement the use of technology in order to hold hearings quicker and more efficiently.
    Criminal Justice: Enhancing Protections for Minors Involved in Human Trafficking
    SB 18-084 provides immunity for minors that participated in acts of prostitution as part of a human trafficking ring
    Criminal Justice: Funding HB 16-1309
    CML is drafting legislation to fund the unfunded mandate that was created by HB16-1309
    Criminal Justice: Monetary Bond and Bail
    HB 18-1089 proposes monetary bond and bail reform. This includes removing monetary bail for municipal ordinance violations, petty offenses, and certain low level misdemeanors.
    Economic Development: Assistance for Rural Communities

    Economic Development Assistance for Rural Communities SB 18-005 Support H. State, Veterans & Military Affairs Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail; Rep. Dylan Roberts, D-Eagle Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org SB 18-005 authorizes the Executive Director of the Department of Local Affairs to coordinate

    Elections: Nomination Committees
    Makes statutory revisions in the Municipal Election Code of 1965 (title 31, Article 10) to remove provisions that are discretionary (and not utilized) regarding the nominating committee process for dealing with vacancies in nomination when a potential municipal election official withdraws from candidacy.
    Employment: Leave to Participate in Elections
    Expands allowed leave to vote to also include registering to vote, obtaining a ballot or replacement ballot, or to obtain documents or ID necessary to vote or register.
    Employment: Medical Leave Insurance
    Creates the Family Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program
    Energy: Colorado Energy Office

    Energy Colorado Energy Office SB 18-001 S. Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy Sen. Ray Scott, R-Grand Junction Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org SB 18-001 restores funding for the Colorado Energy Office for four years and makes a number of reforms to the mission of the office to tak

    Governmental Immunity: Colorado Politician Accountability Act
    HB 18-1178 is a referred measure that allows victims of certain crimes committed by immigrants in the country illegally to sue elected officials, including city council members.
    Historic Preservation: Historic Preservation Tax Credit
    HB 18-1190 extends the Historic Preservation Tax Credit that was established in 2014.
    Limited Gaming: Clarification of Illegal Gambling
    HB18-1234 further clarifies that internet sweepstakes cafes are illegal gambling
    Marijuana: Accessory Consumption Establishments
    This anticipated legislation would allow local option to create licenses premises for legal, onsite consumption of marijuana and marijuana products with the exception of smoking.
    Marijuana: Delivery Pilot Program
    Permissive legislation creating a marijuana delivery pilot program if requested by municipalities.
    Oil and Gas: Compensation for Mineral Interests
    For the past three sessions, legislation has been introduced that specifies that a local government that bans hydraulic fracturing of an oil and gas well is liable to the mineral interest owner for the value of the mineral interest and that a local government that enacts a moratorium on oil and gas activities shall compensate oil and gas operators, mineral lessees, and royalty owners for all costs, damages and losses of fair market value.
    Oil and Gas: Public Safety

    Oil and Gas Public Safety HB 18-1071 H. Health, Insurance & Environment Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org Last March, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled in Martinez v. the COGCC that the general health, safety and welfare of Colorado residents is a condition

    Oil and Gas: School Set Back Requirements
    The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) rules require oil and gas production facilities and wells to be located at least 1,000 feet from school buildings. This legislation clarifies that this setback requirement applies to the school property line and not the school building. An exemption would be provided if a school commences operations near oil and gas facilities or wells that are already in use or permitted.
    Parks and Recreation: Reauthorization of the Division of Lottery
    Legislation will be introduced in 2018 to reauthorize the Division of Lottery in the Department of Revenue in perpetuity.
    Pensions & Retirement: FPPA Employee History Health Data
    This proposed legislation will allow FPPA to implement an electronic statewide health history form, rather than requiring employees to fill out a paper form.  In addition, the legislation would close a gap on preexisting conditions omitted from completed health history form. 
    Pensions & Retirement: FPPA Simplified Reentry into Defined Benefit Plan
    This proposed legislation will allow an employer to enroll new employees in the FPPA defined benefit system, should the employer choose to affiliate with FPPA. Existing employees can stay in their existing plan.  The bill also simplifies statutory process for local money purchase (defined contribution) department to join FPPA.
    Pensions & Retirement: PERA Reform
    CML established policy positions to apply to any proposed PERA reform legislation in 2018
    Public Safety: Civil Asset Forfeiture
    The legislation includes a grant program for law enforcement agencies, a new share back formula for law enforcement that will now utilize the state civil asset forfeiture process, clarification of which agencies must report the use of civil asset forfeiture to DOLA, and expanding the reporting requirement to apply to certain local public nuisance ordinances.
    Public Safety: Create Next Generation 9-1-1 Board
    HB 18-1184 creates a Colorado next generation 911 board (board) in CDPS. The board's purpose is to lead the planning for, implementation of, and transition to a sustainable next generation 911 service in Colorado. CML believes this is a positive step to further 9-1-1 in Colorado and a municipal representative will be on the board.
    Public Safety: Expand Access to Behavioral Health Providers
    This legislation adds behavioral health care providers to list of healthcare providers that are eligible for loan repayment.
    Public Safety: Law Enforcement Information Sharing Grant Program
    SB 18-059 creates the law enforcement information-sharing grant program within CDPS
    Public Safety: Opioids and Health Plans
    Legislation creating specific but limited requirements on individual and group health plans related to opioids.
    Public Safety: Prevention of Opioid Misuse

    The bill directs the Department of Human Services (DHS) to utilize $750,000 set aside from the marijuana tax cash fund to fund substance abuse referral and treatment programs. 

    Public Safety: Prevention of Wildfires
    Proposed legislation from the Wildfire Matters Review Committee creates tougher penalties for individuals that leave camp fires unattended or have not extinguished them properly.
    Public Safety: Red Light Cameras and Speed Radar
    If legislation is introduced to prohibit the use of red light cameras and speed radar, the League will maintain the same position it has in the past which is that traffic safety is a matter of local concern
    Public Safety: Revoke P.O.S.T. Certification Due to Untruthful Statement
    HB 18-1076 requires the peace officers standards and training board (P.O.S.T.) to revoke the certification of a peace officer if the P.O.S.T. board receives notification from a law enforcement agency that employs the officer that the officer made an untruthful statement or omitted a material fact.
    Records: Protections for PII and Notification of Data Breaches
    HB 18-1128 as introduced requires public private entities in Colorado that collect PII to:
    • adopt policies to maintain and destroy PII;
    • implement and maintain reasonable security procedures for PII; and
    • disclose and provide notification of data breaches.
    Sales Tax: 2018 Task Force Proposal
    The proposal from the legislative Sales Tax Task Force is a bill directing the Department of Revenue to issue a request for information (RFI) to vendors for options for a central portal for filing and remitting self-collected sales taxes.
    Severance Tax & FML: Debruce Severance Tax
    HB 18-1201 would refer a ballot question to debruce state severance tax revenue.
    Sustainabilty: Architectural Paint Stewardship Act

    Sustainability Architectural Paint Stewardship Act SB 18-045 Oppose S. Finance Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud; Rep. Kim Ransom, R-Parker Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org SB 18-045 repeals the “Architectural Paint Stewardship Act” which requires paint producers to create paint recycling progr

    Taxation: Expanding Uses of County Lodging Tax
    Currently, counties are authorized to impose a lodging tax within a county, subject to voter approval, to be used only for tourism adverting and marketing. The tax does not apply within a municipality that already has or adopts in the future its own lodging tax. (Because there is no authority for statutory municipalities to impose a lodging tax, only home rule cities – and likely only those that self-collect – can impose a lodging tax) HB 18-1088 would allow a county with a lodging tax to adopt a resolution to expand the use of the tax for any purpose with subsequent voter approval. While there is some question about expansion of the lodging tax that comes from largely within municipalities should be used for any purpose, staff recommends that the legislation at least include a requirement to notify municipalities of the county commission’s intent to consider an expansion and an opportunity to consult.
    Tobacco: Statewide Licensing & Enforcement
    SB 18-139 would require retailers of cigarettes, tobacco, or nicotine products to obtain a license from the Division of Liquor Enforcement of the Department of Revenue, increasing the potential appropriation from $350,000 to $1,000,000 from the State's Tobacco Education Programs Fund to support enforcement (this would still be subject to appropriation in the "long bill," which is the state's annual omnibus budget legislation).  Further, any municipality or county which imposes a fee, license, or tax on such products or on retailers would not be eligible for the 27% cigarette sales tax share-back to locals.
    Transportation: Local Authority to Alter Speed Limits
    Counties and municipalities have the statutory authority to raise or lower the speed limits on these local roads, but only after conducting a traffic inspection survey. Colorado Counties Inc. has initiated legislation that would allow additional criteria be considered by local governments when determining whether to raise of lower speed limits.
    Transportation: OHV Local Safety Standards

    Transportation OHV Local Safety Standards HB 18-1103 Support H. Transportation & Energy Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango; Sen. Don Coram, R-Montrose Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org HB 18-1103 allows local governments to impose additional safety requirements for off-highway vehicles on ro

    Transportation: Regulation of Bicycles Approaching Intersections
    The Bill permits a Municipality to adopt a local ordinance regulating the operation of bicycles approaching intersections with stop lights or stop signs.
    Transportation: Transportation Funding

    Senate Bill 1 repeals the provisions required by SB-267 that provides revenue generated through lease purchase agreements to be used for transportation projects. In its place, it offers a 20-year bonding proposal, subject to voter approval in 2018, similar to the Trans Bonds issued in 1999 that funded the TRex project in South Denver. The bond would be paid for by allocating 10 percent of existing sales tax revenue. The bill still maintains many of the general requirements outlined in SB-267 including requiring 25 percent of the money go to state highway projects in rural areas and 10 percent of the money going to transit. Any remaining money that is not required to repay the bonds would go to projects included in USDOT’s Strategic Transportation Project Investment Program and designated to tier 1 funding.


    Transportation: Use of Electronic Information to Facilitate Traffic Management
    HB 18-1191 authorizes CDOT to implement highway infrastructure technology to communicate with motor vehicles in a manner that does not violate the privacy safeguards contemplated by current statute.
    Utilities: 811 Enforcement Requirements
    he intention of SB18-167 is to transform Colorado’s 811 “call before you dig” program into a true “one call” system by requiring tier-1 membership of all facility owners.
    Utilities: Electric Storage Systems

    Utilities Electric Storage Systems SB 18-009 Neutral H. Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources Sen. Stephen Fenberg, D-Boulder Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org SB18-009 declares that consumers of electricity have a right to install, interconnect, and use electricity storage systems on

    Water & Wastewater: CWCB Authorization Deficit Irrigation Pilot Projects
    HB 18-1151 expands the types of projects that the CWCB can approve to include deficit irrigation projects that use less than the optimal amount of water on a particular crop.
    Water & Wastewater: Expanded Duration for Revolving Loans
    Pursuant to the federal "clean water act" and the federal "Safe Water Drinking Act", the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority (CWRPDA) makes loans under its water pollution control revolving fund and its drinking water revolving fund. Under state law, the duration of any water pollution control load made by the authority must not exceed 20 years after a projects completion. However, the federal clean water act now allows for loans up to the lesser of 30 years or the projected useful life of the project, as determined by the state. This proposed legislation, submitted by the Water Resources Review Committee would remove the 20-year limitation on water pollution control loans and authorizes the authority to make loans in compliance with the Clean Water Act and the Safe Water Drinking Act.
    Water & Wastewater: Invasive Species

    Water & Wastewater Financing Aquatic Nuisance Species Program HB 18-1008 H. Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo; Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail Morgan Cullen mcullen@cml.org HB 18-1008 creates several new funding and enforcement mechanisms to support

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