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    Colorado Municipalities

    CML publishes the award-winning Colorado Municipalities six times a year for thousands of Colorado municipal government officials and others interested in municipal government in the state. Each issue is packed with in-depth coverage of the topics and issues that matter most to Colorado's officials.

    Organizations interested in reaching the officials who lead Colorado cities and towns are encouraged to look into advertising opportunities.

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    Knowledge Now

    The Knowledge Now series features practical research on timely topics from the Colorado Municipal League.

    This information is of a general nature and should not be interpreted as legal advice. Local facts determine which laws may apply and how, so you should always consult your municipal attorney before proceeding.

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    Statehouse Report

    Statehouse Report is an online and email resource while the General Assembly is in session, providing timely information about pending legislation and possible ramifications for municipalities.

    Municipal and associate members can receive an email version by completing an online form (be sure to sign up for CML Update if you want to receive policy information throughout the year; the Statehouse Report subscription simply covers bills during the session). Individual stories also can be received by signing up for emails or RSS feeds.