Colorado Cities & Towns

  • Colorado Cities & Towns Week 2018

    CML will once again host Colorado Cities & Towns Week, Sept. 10-16, 2018, to unite the municipal family. Get an overview on participation.

    To assist in your planning, CML will soon release the 2018 toolkit, providing suggestions, ideas and examples of participation of cities in towns in previous years. In the meantime, the 2017 toolkit is still available.


  • Tips and Images for Social Media

    CML has developed the following memes for use on social media during Colorado Cities & Towns Week. Simply right-click to download, and be sure to tag your posts with #cocitiestowns!

    Click here for more tips and sample posts to social media during the week.

    Shower Scene

    Trash Scene

    Street Scene

    Trash Meme

    Trash Video

    Shower Meme

    Video Water