Top Resources for Newly Elected Officials

CML has numerous resources available for newly elected officials. In addition to the bimonthly emails with valuable tips and information we send during your first year in office, you also may want to take a look at the publication Colorado Municipal Government: An Introduction. (Upon release, at least one copy of all CML publications is sent to each member municipality; check with your clerk for what may already be available to you.) A brief overview also is available in our Municipal Governance 101 packet.

CML also recorded our in-person workshop, Effective Governance: Resources for Elected Officials, that includes information on your role as a municipal official, governing board and staff relationships, how to work effectively with the media, public official liability, and open meetings. In addition to our numerous other training opportunities, CML has joined with the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency (CIRSA) to provide municipal elected officials with valuable information through the "Essentials for Elected Officials" training series.

If you have questions on a specific topic, check the variety of resources available on the Issues page of this website.



CML Spring Outreach and Fall District Meetings

Each spring and fall, CML staff hits the road for a series of informal lunch meetings (spring) and dinner meetings (fall) statewide. These informative meetings are open to all CML members and give us an opportunity to visit you in your backyard to hear what your concerns and priority issues are. Keep an eye on the CML Newsletter or website under Events > Outreach for dates and other details on the meetings.


Video CameraVideos

CML has prepared a video specifically for the newly elected municipal official. This "Take 5" video (in which you will learn five things or more in five minutes or less) provides information from CML Executive Director Sam Mamet on the basics of being an elected official. To see all videos produced by CML, visit our YouTube page, or the Resources > Videos section of this website.


conference.jpgCML Annual Conference

This annual conference draws nearly 1,000 attendees representing municipalities across the state, as well as key local government decision-makers and associate members of CML. Those attending can chose from more than 30 educational sessions over a three-day period and gain invaluable networking time with fellow municipal officials. The 97th CML Annual Conference will be held in Breckenridge, June 18-21, 2019.



As a municipal official, you will automatically receive a copy of the CML Newsletter, a biweekly publication that provides timely information, including updates on key issues and notification of upcoming training events (to receive by email, click here). In addition, you also automatically receive a copy of the award-winning Colorado Municipalities magazine, a bimonthly journal that offers more in-depth coverage of topics of interest to municipal leaders across the state. Knowledge Now white papers are published as needed to provide the knowledge you need now on breaking issues. Finally, Statehouse Report is an email subscription providing news on the legislative session. 



CML releases several publications each year on a variety of topics to keep you informed as a municipal elected official, available for purchase both as printed books and downloadable PDFs. Topics range from annexation to TABOR; recent publications include Home Rule Handbook and Home Rule Matrix of Charters. Search publications online or download an order form. (Upon release, at least one copy of all CML publications is sent to each member municipality; check with your clerk for what may already be available to you.)

difference.jpgCivic Engagement

CML offers a variety of information on civic engagement at the local level. Municipal elected officials may find the Colorado Cities & Towns public relations campaign, education materials for youth (Lessons on Local Government), and the annual overview of municipal services and how they are faring in State of Our Cities & Towns particularly useful.


Social MediaSocial Media

CML has both a Facebook and LinkedIn page for social notices and other information, a Twitter account for timely news, and a YouTube channel for our videos. Follow us and follow what is happening in the Colorado municipal world!