• Municipalities Matter

  • Municipalities Matter: Engaging Youth

    The family of local government (cities and towns, counties, school districts and special districts) provides essential programs and services to citizens all across Colorado that impact our everyday lives. They also serve as a model for students to learn effective citizenship. 


    Municipalities Matter: All Politics Remain Local(1)

    On April 3, folks across the state will be voting for questions, candidates, or both in at least 120 cities and towns. 

    I have made it a career to examine municipal elections; it is where true representative democracy exists. The elections are nonpartisan, issue-driven, and focused on solving problems. Yes, there can be divisions, and my experience is that they eventually disappear once folks settle in and focus on the one item that matters – ensuring a vibrant quality of life.


    Municipalities Matter - Especially Initiatives
    While political pundits have their focus on candidates for office now, of equal importance are proposed statewide ballot initiatives with municipal impacts. Following are personal opinions on a few of these, reflecting my views based on extensive experience with ballot initiatives. And let the record reflect: I do not - do not - favor the initiative process. Never have, and never will. I believe in representative democracy; the initiative process is its antithesis.

  • Municipalities Matter is a regular blog by Sam Mamet, executive director of the Colorado Municipal League. Sam is responsible to CML's 21-member executive board for executing the policies and programs of the League. 

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