• Municipalities Matter

  • Municipalities Matter - Especially on Election Day

    Voters want to control their own destiny in our state's great cities and towns. That is my key takeaway.


    Municipalities Matter: Shift and Shaft

    Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee released its long-awaited “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” plan. The proposed tax reform plan aims to streamline the U.S. tax code and create some tax relief for middle- and low-income Americans by reducing the number of tax brackets and marginal tax rates, while expanding family tax credits.

    Unfortunately, these cuts are paid for on the backs of the state and cities and towns in Colorado. Here are five things you need to know. 


    Municipalities Matter - Especially on Nov. 7

    For fun, I read municipal ballot questions.

    I pretend they are homework assignments, written by cities and towns and graded by voters on election day. My guess most of them will get an “A” on Nov. 7. 

    Support for municipal government in our beloved Centennial State remains quite high. It is all about problem solving, and that is what city and town leaders in Colorado and across the nation do best. 

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