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  • Municipalities Matter ... And So Do Memories
    My love for Chinese food is no secret. A fortune cookie from a recent meal hit a responsive chord: “Happiness lies in good health and a bad memory.” I have a few acquaintances who feel that if I am not lacking in a bad memory, I can tack toward revisionist history from time to time!
    Municipalities Matter: Housing Affordability

    Affordable housing remains an enduring challenge for municipal leaders. Our recent State of Our Cities & Towns report reveals that 26 percent of respondent cities and towns answered that it was “somewhat worse” than 10 years ago, and 17 percent stated it was “much worse.” Only 3 percent said that it was “much better.” Focusing in on the past three years alone, not a single municipality responded that housing had gotten “much better,” and 56 percent selected “somewhat worse” or “much worse.” 


    Municipalities Matter: It's a Vision Thing!

    Recently, I was delighted to facilitate a weekend retreat for the City of Delta, led by Mayor Ron Austin and City Manager David Torgler. I love working with cities and towns and talking about their dreams for the future. These dreams are a part of what it takes to be a good leader in your municipality.


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