Public Safety: Create Next Generation 9-1-1 Board

Public Safety Create Next Generation 9-1-1 Board HB 18-1184 Neutral Before governor Reps. Tony Exum, D-Colorado Springs & Polly Lawrence, R-Littleton; Sens. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs & Irene Aguilar, D-Denver Meghan Dollar As introduced, HB 18-1184 created a Colorado next generation 911 board (board) in CDPS. The board's purpose is to lead the planning for, implementation of, and transition to a sustainable next generation 911 service in Colorado. Several 9-1-1 Authorities  expressed concerns with the make-up of the proposed board as well as concerns that the board would be redundant and disruptive. Now that the parties have met, the bill was rewritten to require the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to submit an annual report to the public safety community on the progress of next generation 911 in Colorado.