Public Safety: Civil Asset Forfeiture

Public Safety Civil Asset Forfeiture HB 18-1020 Support Before governor Rep. Leslie Herod, D-Denver; Sens. Bob Gardner R-Colorado Springs, and Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Meghan Dollar Following his signing of HB 17-1313 regarding civil asset forfeiture, Gov. John Hickenlooper convened a task force made up of supporters and opponents of HB 17-1313. The task force met several times in the interim, and HB 18-1020 is the legislation to implement the task force recommendations. This legislation includes a grant program for law enforcement agencies, a new share back formula for law enforcement that will now utilize the state civil asset forfeiture process, clarification of which agencies must report the use of civil asset forfeiture to the Department of Local Affairs, and expansion of the reporting requirement to apply to certain local public nuisance ordinances. The last issue was a contentious conversation as the League was concerned with a broad reporting requirement for municipalities that seize property under public nuisance ordinances. Through negotiation, the ACLU and CML developed language that applies a reporting requirement for a municipality if they receive proceeds through a forfeiture process.