Amicus Curiae Participation

Requesting CML participation 

  1. A request for CML amicus participation must be by letter, directed to CML Staff Attorney Laurel Witt. The letter and attachments may be initially submitted electronically; a courtesy hard copy of the letter and attachments should also be mailed or delivered to the League.
  2. The letter must be from the governing body, or from the attorney for the governing body, acting on behalf of the jurisdiction or entity requesting the the League’s participation as amicus curiae.
  3. The letter must describe:
    • The nature of the case and the issues presented,
    • Why this appeal is of particular importance to Colorado municipalities statewide,
    • The procedural status of the appeal, including the briefing schedule, if known,
    • The name, title, and contact information for the person or persons representing the municipality in appeal.
  4. The letter should be accompanied by whatever attachments the applicant believes the League’s Amicus Committee would find useful in making its decision. A copy of the court order or decision appealed from must be attached. Briefs to the lower court(s) on relevant issues, notices of appeal, cert petitions, orders setting briefing schedules, and so forth, are often included with the letter.