2016 State of Our Cities & Towns

The 2016 version of CML's State of Our Cities & Towns report provides a look at how cities and towns are meeting an increased demand for services. Read a summary of the report, press release, complete survey details, or CML Executive Director Sam Mamet's blog on the topic

CML's 2016 State of Our Cities & Towns survey results reveal that more than nine out of 10 Colorado municipalities use shared services for the efficient deliver of services to residents.

The following stories explore some of the shared services across the state; these same stories can be seen in more detail in the videos below:



This 28-minute video features some of the shared services provided by Colorado's cities and towns. Government access stations interested in running the video(s) should contact Traci Stoffel (email address is tstoffel @ cml.org, without the spaces).


The shorter version (15-minute) provides an abridged view on the same services.

A brief (2-minute) shares just the highlights of the report.