Loans for Healthcare Facilities at Reduced Rates

At the Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) Annual Conference, Vital Healthcare Capital (V-cap) shared information about the Strengthening Primary Care program, a partnership of V-cap and The Colorado Health Foundation. The V-cap financing portion of the program offers loans at reduced rates to support improvements that will enhance access to primary care for traditionally underserved populations. Eligible projects include expansion of clinic with a significant primary care component; development of mental health, dental, chronic disease care, and other specialty services that are integrating with primary care; and infrastructure such as EHR, telehealth, and transportation, especially that make primary care accessible to a rural population. This is a time-limited opportunity - the program ends in December 2018. If your organization is planning a project to expand access to services, contact Lesley Reeder, Colorado V-Cap representative, at or 720-515-3452.