Guidance on Lightning Protection for Historic Structures

The National Park Service (NPS) has issued its latest Preservation Brief, "Lightning Protection for Historic Structures," written by Charles E. Fisher, who recently retired from the Technical Preservation Services office after a long and distinguished 42-year career. This is the 50th Preservation Brief in the NPS's landmark historic preservation series which also began 42 years ago. 

PB 50 deals with an important historic preservation consideration in many parts of the country where lightning may pose a risk to historic buildings. The information will be of interest to the varied audience involved in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings, particularly since little has been written on lightning protection for historic structures. This brief provides a short history of lightning protection; provides information on appropriate maintenance and repair of historic lightning protection; includes guidance on integrating old and new systems; and covers special consideration when installing new systems on historic buildings. NPS believes this is the first technical publication on lightning protection for historic buildings that covers the range of preservation treatments from maintenance and repair to the installation of new systems. 

This brief can be found in pdf format on the NPS website and is also available in print form from the Government Printing Office where other printed publications of Technical Preservation Services also are offered for sale.