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Municipalities Matter: Reflections on the Year

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Municipalities Matter

Reflections on the Year

New YearThis is the time of year when we reflect. What have we accomplished? What are our hopes for the year ahead? 

Let me share a few things, in no special order. 

I am just so proud to be associated with my wonderful staff colleagues here at the League. It is amazing what they produce for you to help you be great leaders. Examples include the summer conference, as well as excellent and practical and cost-efficient training all year long; Colorado Cities & Towns Week; our State of Cities and Towns report; lobbying at the Capitol, and cutting-edge research for you through Knowledge Now reports. Not to mention the behind-the-scenes stuff, such as making sure that you are greeted properly and always promptly directed to who or what you need. Our organization is on sound financial footing, and the physical state of our building is always tip-top. Wait till you see our newly remodeled old library area with the new Main Street Meeting Room! 

On a personal level, I am proud of my wife Judith and all of her artistic accomplishments, as well as what our sons, Elliot and Abe, are up to. A dad could not be prouder of his boys than I am of our two guys. 

I look at your accomplishments. The recent election and the ballot measures that passed across Colorado are impressive. I say, “Wow!"

The trust that Coloradans have in you as municipal leaders is as high as Pikes Peak. You earn it daily, and deservedly so. I see improvements everywhere I travel across the four corners of the state. (And do I travel!) 

I am thankful for all of this as I reflect upon this year. 

Now, what do I hope for in the coming year? Well, I will make it simple. 

I want to see a comprehensive statewide solution to address infrastructure, including transportation, transit, multi-model, water and wastewater, and many other community needs. I would like to see a conversation that engages all of the cities and towns of Colorado. Opportunities for CML will occur, and we will be there. I know the leadership exists locally, I just want to see some push from under the Gold Dome starting in January. We have a number of good and decent state lawmakers who want to do the right thing. Let’s give them the support they deserve to do just that. 

I also want to continue to see vibrant and healthy municipalities. Your steady hand on the wheel of municipal governance will make this so. Our partnership with each of you is so important, and I value it. 

We are wrapping up revisions to our current strategic plan. Between League staff and Board, we have developed a new vision statement: 

Empowered cities and towns, united for a strong Colorado 

This is our new mantra, and I love what it symbolizes for the year ahead. It will be our focus day in and day out here at CML. Expect to hear more about our updated strategic plan over the weeks ahead. 

For now, I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and the very best in the new year ahead.