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Municipalities Matter: It's a Vision Thing!

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Municipalities Matter

It's a Vision Thing


Sam in DeltaRecently, I was delighted to facilitate a weekend retreat for the City of Delta, led by Mayor Ron Austin and City Manager David Torgler. I love working with cities and towns and talking about their dreams for the future. These dreams are a part of what it takes to be a good leader in your municipality. 

In Delta, we spent a great deal of time talking about the local and regional economy. Delta has its challenges. Coal extraction used to drive the economy of the area. It doesn't any longer. And an increasing number of retirees live in Delta, and this impacts the City's budget. 

There is a great deal of interest in hemp farming in the county, and recreational marijuana has become a major topic in town. 

Tourism development is an area on which municipal leaders really want to focus; in fact, the City of Delta received a grant from the state's tourism office to jump start these conversations. One thing to look for is more chatter about a major mountain bike race in Delta this spring. 

It is hard when you are in the middle of the two major economic centers of Grand Junction and Montrose, but Delta has tremendous potential. There is sound leadership amongst the elected officials and the staff. I anticipate a positive year ahead for Delta. 

May I also say it was great fun to facilitate this retreat. Maybe I am onto something once I retire end of March. Although my golf game sure needs improvement, and I can never get in enough ski days! To be continued … 

I would love to hear about your vision for the future.