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Municipalities Matter

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Municipalities Matter: Fast Forward

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Municipalities Matter

Fast Forward

As 2014 winds down, a few municipal tidbits recently came to my attention that cause me to fast forward into 2015 and beyond. 

In cities and towns across the state there is a great vision for their future:


  • Englewood has initiated Englewood Forward, a project to update the municipal comprehensive plan; focus on light rail corridor needs; and upgrade bike and pedestrian networks. 
  • Commerce City, with a selected developer, is working on a master agreement for its old dog track to become a crown jewel for for the city, which has always been bullish on urban redevelopment. 
  • Westminster is inching closer to its new downtown with the adoption of a rezoning and redevelopment plan for the long-suffering Westminster Mall. When this is completed, it will be a positive stamp on the city for many years to come. 
  • The University of Colorado Denver is developing an exciting new South Campus facility, and has approached the City of Lone Tree and Mayor Jim Gunning to explore avenues of collaboration, especially around high tech and engineering. 
  • In Woodland Park, nearly 70 percent of the voters recently approved a major bond issue to move forward with the construction of an aquatics center complex. There is an active group of volunteers working with Mayor Neil Levy, City Manager David Buttery, and other municipal leaders. 


A sound vision lays the foundation for a hopeful future. And CML is working hard to help you with your visions with our own updated and revised strategic plan. This is a wonderful beacon to help shed light on where we will be headed in the months ahead. We are your voice at the state level, and our wheels never stop turning about the future and your needs. As one key example, you will see a heavier emphasis on applied municipal research to help you in your daily routine of municipal business. You will hear a lot more on this as the plan unfolds.

Are you in a fast forward mode to implement various projects? I would love to hear from you! 

And, as we all gather together as families and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday, I wish you all the best!


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