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Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter: Elections Bring Change

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Municipalities Matter

Elections Bring Change

This past Tuesday, we had nearly 120 cities and towns across the state hold regular elections, along with numerous local ballot questions

The elected leadership of many communities will now experience change with new mayors, trustees, and councilmembers. Change is constant in the municipal world. 

Another constant appears to be the faith that local voters have in their cities and towns. Question after question focusing on public investments (whether through increasing taxes, permitting broadband, or establishing home rule), citizens said “yes” far more often than not across the state. I feel that faith and trust in municipal government is strong and unwavering in Colorado. 

This is a testament to another constant. We are blessed with strong and visionary leadership among elected officials in tandem with effective guidance from city managers and other top municipal administrators. They all have their steady hands on the wheel of good municipal governance. 

To the newly elected members of our grand and glorious municipal family, congratulations! CML is your home and you are welcome anytime. Next month, we will be meeting municipal officials on a road trip across the state and we urge your attendance.

When I was speaking to the Greenwood Village City Council recently (visits to city councils and town boards are something I love to do - let me know when I can come), the great and all-knowing Mayor Ron Rakowsky handed me two pieces of paper that each councilmember, as well as the mayor, has before them at every meeting. While these “expectations” may not be in all respects entirely applicable to your governing body, there are takeaways in these statements every city and town in the state can use. I would like you to consider that. 

Finally, one other thing is constant, and that is the League. We always have been and always will be here to serve you.

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In the end, that's what this election is about. Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?
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