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Municipalities Matter: Bragging Rights

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Municipalities Matter

Bragging Rights

I collect tidbits. I love to read newspapers from around the state. (There are probably three of us left in Colorado who do that, sadly.) Anyway, I just saw a whole gaggle of good news stories that individually and collectively paint a great picture of some outstanding municipal achievements. 

From the Rifle Citizen Telegram, I learned about Rifle Mayor Randy Winkler’s vision for his city, and it is bright. A new water treatment plan is currently out for bid and within budget. Events are well underway at the new Ute Events Center and Theatre Complex - a beautiful building you should visit when on the West Slope that my pal Mike Braaten, a long-time CML staffer, had a hand in redeveloping when he was working for Rifle. The city also is finishing up a tremendous trail project along the Colorado River. 

Cooperation is always an important word in the municipal vocabulary, and Fort Collins acts on its meaning all the time. The Fort Collins Coloradoan recently reported that the City and Colorado State University have been working on a proposed agreement on how to handle potential impacts from constructions on a new on-campus stadium to replace the current Hughes Stadium. A draft intergovernmental agreement has been crafted to reflect a number of planning and land use issues. This will be considered during an extensive public hearing process over the weeks ahead. 

Colorado has two jurisdictions known as both a city and county: one of the oldest in the nation is Denver; the other is Broomfield, which is on the newer end of the spectrum, becoming a combined city and county in 2001. Broomfield leaders are putting together a citizens' task force to help develop an update to that City's comprehensive plan. According to the Broomfield Enterprise, it is hoped that this will guide city growth and development over the next decade. This is a great way for citizens to help guide the future of a community. 

The City of Centennial recently was selected as one of a dozen cities from across the nation to receive a Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Team Grant. Over three years, Centennial will receive $1.5 million to create a city “innovations team.” I have no doubt in the abilities of Mayor Cathy Noon and City Manager John Danielson to move the City to new heights and serve as a great model for other municipalities in Colorado. 

According to The Denver Post and Colorado Springs Gazette, congratulations are in order to Mayor Steve Bach and other city leaders in Colorado Springs who partnered with the Colorado Office of Economic Development in landing Sierra Completions, a 2,100 job creator. This aerospace park to be built adjacent to the airport is an economic victory for our state’s second largest city.

Steamboat Springs, which has more U.S. Olympic athletes living in its community than any other in the country, just got a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to bolster its already well known environmental sustainability efforts. Steamboat competed with 22 other cities and towns across the nation, according to the Steamboat Pilot. A City going for the gold indeed! 

The Denver Post reports on the success springing from years of effort made in the City of Arvada to revitalize Olde Town. Investment in landscaping, street furnishings, building facades, and other public improvements, along with a series of special events, have made the downtown a destination. 

And in some news that did not necessarily make the papers: We recently participated in a statewide citizens poll to garner some idea of what Colorado's citizens think of municipal government. A whopping 73 percent of those polled think their city or town is doing an excellent or good job in providing essential services. When you hear success stories like these, is it any wonder? 

What would you like to brag about? I’d love to hear from you.

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