Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter ... And So Do the Voters

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Municipalities Matter

... And So Do the Voters

Ballot BoxSolid leadership can be found at the municipal level of government, where problems get solved. 

On Nov. 3, citizens in more than 80 Colorado cities and towns will be asked to vote for their municipal leaders, as well as determine the answers to a variety of questions about the future of their communities. 

Issues range from broadband access (in 26 cities and towns, along with 17 counties) to sales tax increases or extensions in 16 municipalities (for projects as diverse as college scholarships in Denver to economic development incentives in Pueblo), from allowing the assumption of debt (particularly for infrastructure improvements) to allowing the retention of revenue. Marijuana is still an issue for municipalities, with 12 cities and towns asking to approve taxes on its sale or production, and four asking voters if sales should be allowed in their jurisdiction. 

How municipalities are governed is also a topic of discussion, with the expansion or elimination of term limits under consideration in several municipalities, while others ask about examining going home rule (Hudson), collective bargaining (Lafayette), or dates of elections (Brookside and Castle Rock). 

Interesting questions are up on economic development, as well as intergovernmental cooperation and land use. 

For a complete summary of election issues, view the CML press release

Other levels of government may talk a lot in order to get problems solved; at the municipal level we act to things done, in concert with our citizens. 

Let me know how you think your ballot measures will fare on Nov. 3. I would love to hear from you.

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