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Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter

Municipalities Matter ... And So Do Memories

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Municipalities Matter

And So Do Memories


My love for Chinese food is no secret. A fortune cookie from a recent meal hit a responsive chord: “Happiness lies in good health and a bad memory.” I have a few acquaintances who feel that if I am not lacking in a bad memory, I can tack toward revisionist history from time to time! 

As for happiness - I recently visited my doctor and got a clean bill of health. I am thankful for that. 

As for bad memory - forget it! All I have are good and powerful memories. And, to quote from that great George Gershwin tune, “They can’t take that away from me.” 

Forty years have flown by since my beloved predecessor and still close friend Ken Bueche (after whom CML's glorious building is named) asked me in my initial interview, “So, you’ve moved around a lot the past few years, can we count on you to stay a little while with us?” A fair question in the fall of 1979, though a tad intimidating. I think four decades does pass the statute of limitations on job-hopping. 

I’ll tell you the secret. I have been here so long because I am madly in love … with my wonderful spouse of nearly 28 years, Judith; our two sons, Elliot and Abe, of whom a dad could never be more proud; my beloved staff colleagues both past and current; great CML Executive Boards; and a tremendous membership of true leaders. But mostly, I am deeply in love with our dear and precious Colorado. 

I have traversed every square inch of this state, corner to corner, town to town, city to city - so many times that I bet I could do it blindfolded. I have been in every fire station, coffee shop, town hall, sewer plant, and rec center. I’ve driven slowly and cautiously through every speed trap you can imagine. Never, ever did I run a photo red! (Well, maybe once). I love the Western Slope, High Plains, Lower Arkansas Valley, San Luis Valley, Four Corners, Front Range, Southern Colorado… You name the spot in Colorado, I love it. 

Every community in our state exudes a positive and can-do attitude. You lead through problem solving. You see every challenge as an opportunity. Partnerships abound among and between local governments, as well as with the state and national government. 

You do not live on islands; you get out and about to see what is going on around you. CML is your home away from home. 

Every time I have visited one of our 270 members, I have never once felt I was a guest, but a member of the family. 

How blessed I am to have had this marvelous career at CML! So many nice things have been said about me over the past few weeks - it is humbling and deeply appreciated. But the true accolades belong to each of you. The work you do on a daily basis reinforces my core belief that public service is indeed the highest calling. 

It has been almost exactly six years since I wrote my first blog for CML, and now here is my last. I do not want to say goodbye, so for now I will just say that I hope to see you down the road. 

I wish you good health, personal and professional fulfillment, and only good memories.

Sam Over the Years