Sales Tax: 2018 Task Force Proposal

Sales Tax 2018 Task Force Proposal HB 18-1022 Support Passed Senate Reps. Lang Sias, R-Arvada and Tracy Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada; Sens. Cheri Jahn, I-Wheat Ridge and Tim Neville, R-Littleton Dianne Criswell

HB 18-1022, which passed unanimously out of the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee on January 18, directs the Department of Revenue to issue a request for information (RFI) to vendors for:

  • an accurate address locator database;
  • a single application and point for state & local sales tax licenses;
  • a single point of state and local sales tax remittance;
  • an accurate taxability matrix;
  • a solution that integrates with existing systems; and
  • costing options.

Vendors must respond with the understanding that there

  • will not be changes to the tax base (and rate);
  • may not be uniform definitions; and
  • will not be a unified audit authority or process. 

CML's representatives on the task force worked with legislators to include strong recognition of home rule authority in the RFI process.  Responses to the RFIs could provide useful information about cost and feasibility of vendor solutions.