Pensions & Retirement: PERA Reform

Pensions & Retirement PERA Reform Not yet introduced Kevin Bommer, Dianne Criswell,

Some of CML’s 27 PERA-member municipalities have participated in discussions since October with the goal of arriving at specific advocacy recommendations. The discussion was based on comparisons between the PERA Board proposed legislative package and Gov. John Hickenlooper’s proposed package as outlined in his Nov. 1 budget request to the state Joint Budget Committee. 

Based on recommendations from the PERA Member Municipality Committee, CML has established the following policy positions on any proposed 2018 PERA reform bills:

  • CML and PERA member municipalities support the goal of passing legislation in 2018 that will allow PERA to achieve 100-percent funded status in all divisions in 30 years or less with the following inclusions: 
    • Oppose any additional employer contribution in the Local Government Division
    • Support the governor’s proposal that employee contributions for new and current employees in the Local Government Division are the same 
    • Support a reduction of the proposed additional employee contribution for employees in the Local Government Division 
  • CML and PERA Member Municipalities would retain the discretion to oppose fixing in state statutes an automatic ratchet-up contribution mechanism that would: 
    • Unnecessarily create another automatic trigger affecting budget and revenue (i.e. TABOR, Amendment 21, Gallagher) 
    • Create budgetary impacts when local governments would be reducing costs or personnel 
    • Bypass the legislative process that should be part of any potential increase in the expenditure of taxpayer dollars