Pensions & Retirement: FPPA Employee History Health Data

Pensions & Retirement FPPA Employee History Health Data HB 18-1056 Support Passed House Rep. Kevin Van Winkle, R-Highlands Ranch; Sen. John Cooke, R-Greeley Dianne Criswell HB 18-1056 would allow the Fire & Police Pension Association (FPPA) to implement an electronic statewide health history form, rather than requiring employees to fill out a paper form.  Also, as introduced, the bill included language to close a gap on preexisting conditions omitted from the completed health history form. Currently, employees that fail to disclose a preexisting condition upon hire have to be shown to have done so fraudulently for FPPA to deny death and disability payments if the condition causes the death or disabling condition. The change would protect the vitality of the plan by ensuring any applicable omission is able to be considered by FPPA in determining the appropriate application of benefits.  Committee amendments were adopted in House State Affairs on February 7 which amended (but retained) the preexisting condition provisions.